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Construction Safety Officer



As a construction safety professional registered with ASTTBC, you are…

Qualified. You have met ASTTBC's high standard of academic competency and relevant work place experience.

Registered. You are registered with a Professional Association whose mandate is to serve the public by regulating and supporting technology professionals' commitment to a safe, healthy and sustainable society and environment.

Accountable. As an ASTTBC safety professional you are held to a rigorous standard of ethics and professionalism in practice and mandatory continuing education.

The Construction Safety Officer certification is a ‘technical specialist’ program administered by the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of BC.

Applied Science Technologists & Technicians
of British Columbia
10767 - 148th Street
Surrey, B.C. V3R 0S4

Tel (604) 585-2788
Fax (604) 585-2790


CSO Newsletter

2016 February Edition: Newsletter from the Manager

2015 December Edition: Newsletter from the Manager

2015 April Special Update: CSO Program "in the news"

2015 April Special Edition

2015 March

CPD event for all Construction Safety Officers:

2015 CPD events schedule is now complete. There will be 4 events this year, one more than in the past. See the "Continuing Education" page for details.

Don't forget that CPD is now mandatory for all members and will be a condition of continuing certification, so set up your CPD online log right away and start recording your activities. See for the details.

CSO Certification "Equivalency Exam":

The Construction Safety Certification Board has been hard at work, developing an "Equivalency" exam to enable persons with construction safety academic credentials, other than those accredited by ASTTBC, to have their competencies evaluated against the CSO Certification Policy. The exam is now in the testing phase and will be implemented early 2016. Stay tuned.