CSO Certification Board

The CSO Certification Board is made up of practising construction safety professionals, who sit as volunteers to apply the CSO Certification Policy, establish and maintain certification standards, evaluate applications and offer certification to qualified applicants.

Please note that public contact with any members of the Board, including the Chair, will be through, and at the discretion of, the Registrar or Executive Director and their designates.
Board members:

Barry Manfield, RCSO, CRSP, RFT                         Safety Consultant, Sylva Management Services Ltd.

George Scott, CSO, BS/BM, Dipl.T.                       Senior Safety Consultant, V.G. Scott & Associates Consulting

Janis Lawrence, CSO                                               Occupational Health and Safety Manager, Wales McLelland

Paul Stevenson, RCSO                                            Stevenson HSE Solutions

Connie Yelland, RCSO                                             Kare Group Canada

Nicolette Wilson, RCSO                                           Norland Limited

Roberta Sheng-Taylor , BA, CRSP, CHSC, Dipl. (Adult Ed), SMS, CSP
BC Association for Crane Safety

In addition, each of the ASTTBC Accredited Training Providers hold a nonvoting seat:

BC Institute of Technology

Care Institute of Safety & Health Inc

Universal Health and Safety Inc.