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Name Designation(s) Company Address Contact Services
Pratas, Manuel CSO Key Engineering Ltd 9620 River, Delta
Brissette, Philip CSO Southwest Contracting Ltd 9426 - 192nd Street, Surrey
Zavislak, James CSO
Artuso, Michael CSO
Bell, Stephen , CTech CSO, CPI Bellphillips Safety Group Inc 6420 Beresford St, Burnaby 6045624747
Willcott, Ralph CSO Eltex Enterprises 2002 Ltd 211 - 14770 - 64th Avenue, Surrey
Hyde, Susan RCSO Polar Industrial Ltd
Clement, Bruce CSO
Novotny, Peter RCSO Novomed Consulting Ltd 9564 Somers Road, Port Alberni 2507350680
Senior Construction Safety Consulting Services. Oil & Gas Industry (Pipelines, Pump stations, Gas Plants, Refineries, Well Sites, SAGD), Fiber Optic Infrastructure (32,000km), Pulp & Paper Mill, Turnaround Projects, Arctic Experience (Beaufort Sea), Hot C
Staples, Darrell CSO ICE Occupational Safety & First Aid Services 303 - 3787 Pender St., Burnaby
Livingstone, Samuel RCSO Livingstone Safety Services 9-3384 Coast Meridian Road, Port Coquitlam 6044548541
Bahris, Kevin CSO
Lake, Jeremy CSO
Harriott, Sean CSO Brymark Installations Group Inc 1648 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam
Jacobson, James CSO Brenta Construction Group 2810 Norland Avenue, Burnaby 6044305887
Kidder, Dean CSO
Galbraith, John CSO 3R Demolition Corp 5735 Beresford Street, Burnaby
Dill, Wayne CSO Corporate Electric Ltd 2233 Quebec St, Vancouver
Dirksen, William RCSO School District #72 425 Pinecrest Road, Campbell River
Wilson, Nicolette RCSO Pacific Blasting & Demolition 3183 Norland Street, Burnaby
Comfort, Scott CSO Kindred Construction Ltd 1747 West 3rd Avenue, Vancouver
Liu, Tony CSO Copa Development Corp #209 - 515 West Pender Street, Vancouver
Pollard, Veronica CSO Dan-Jen Mechanical Ltd 146 - 11786 River Road, Richmond
Hayes, Bernard CSO Self-employed 310-8790 Cartier St., Vancouver
Crawford, Travis , AScT CSO BA Blacktop Ltd 175 Harbour Avenue, North Vancouver
Koch, Brian CSO Bk Onsite Services 3024 Flint Street, Port Coquitlam
Thunder Heart, John CSO
Sucke, Jeff CSO Con-Force Structures PO Box 9520, Vancouver
Koloska, Markus CSO Work Safe BC 4514 Chatterton Way, Victoria
Roberts, Jeremy CSO Pantheon Developments Ltd 5820 Tisdall Street, Vancouver
Smith, James RCSO
Jones, Kandice RCSO North American Curtain Wall 11600 49th Place West Suite A, Mukilteo 4255011318
Dwyer, Daniel CSO
Tomlinson, Ronald CSO RWJT Enterprises Ltd Suite 701 - 622 Front St., Nelson
Goraya, Muhammad CSO InterCept Services of Surveillance (ISS) Security 11180 Scott Road, Surrey 8555438477
Ross, Douglas CSO Dashley Enterprises Ltd Box 189, Wasa
Bublitz, Lynn CSO
Collins, Joseph RCSO Collins Safety Services 102-20285 Stewart Cr., Maple Ridge 6046907433
Safety Consulting, Safety Program Development, Inspections/Audits, Incident Investigations, Project Safety Coordination/Management, Safety Training, Unmanned Aerial Inspection Services (UAS)
Cormier, Matthew CSO Mcj Safety Rr 2 Site 20a Comp 15, Rock Creek 2504989067
Lucia, Salvatore CSO 2292 - Parker Street, Vancouver
Closs, James CSO
Waters, Kenneth CSO
Dobrostanski, Stefan CSO Spectra Energy PO Box 11162, Vancouver
Garnons-Williams, Chelsea CSO None 1417 Reef Rd, Nanoose 2507099111
Casey, Richard RCSO Work Safe BC Prince Rupert
Quinnell, Kellie CSO
Muir, Deborah CSO Unemployed 1/7/18 Campbell River 2508307534
Wiebe, Michael CSO Scott Construction Ltd 718 Main Street, Vancouver
Mahadeo, Christopher CSO
Gough-Townsend, Iain CSO Gough-townsend & Daughters Safety Advisors Ltd. 32063 Terepocki Cres., Mission 6042264163
Nicholson, James RCSO CIF Construction PO Box 2159, Prince George
Kearley, Sherwin CSO Peter Kiewit & Sons Co Ltd
Forsyth, Jennifer CSO 6048072265
Repen, Darcy RCSO
Stanley, Kim RCSO Brymark Installations Group Inc. 1648 Broadway Street, Port Coquitlam 6049441206
Green, Teresa CSO
Williams, ErinPatrick RCSO Phoenix Fire Life Safety (Phoenix Fire Prevention 101-20626 Mufford Crest, Langley 6045346079
Public & Occupational Services, Education, Training, Products & Consulting
Gerlach, Jeffery CSO Krg Enterprises Ltd 207 2400 Oakdale Way, Kamloops 2508516697
Cutts, Katherine , CTech CSO Verheil Contractors PO Box 3510, Langley
Jonkman, Johan CSO
Kolody, Brian , CTech CSO Allnorth Consultants Ltd 2011 Pg Pulpmill Road, Po Box 968, Prince George 2509601655
LeBlanc, Luc CSO Shell Energy Canada Fort McMurray
Dyson, Michael CSO M.D. Safety Services Ltd 126 Fish Lake Road, Summerland 2504882722
CSO / Safety Consultant / OFA3-licenced EMR / H&S manuals
Thiessen, Jeffrey RCSO Alive Safety Consulting 8811 Mowbray Road, Richmond 6042754174
Dunn, Candace CSO
Earles, Sherry CSO
Polano, John RCSO Clear Safety Services Burnaby 6047627550
Sandoval Vargas, Ernesto CSO Olympic Roofing Ltd 1613 Western Drive, Port Coquitlam 6045524743
Internal Audits, Training, Investigations
Giluk, Cezary CSO Ck Creative Services 403-625 Constance Ave., Victoria 2508857963
Johnson, Carl CSO
Chancey, Blair CSO
Scott, Dale CSO Safety & Environmental Solutions Inc 703 E. Clinton Street, Hobbs
Loveless, John CSO Ledcor Industrial Allan Muir or John Loveless, Fort McMurray
Davis, Thomas CSO Alpha Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc. #2 - 6654 Butler Cres, Victoria 2505440169
Manfield, Barry RCSO Sylva Management Services Ltd Po Box 1066, Kamloops 2503746687
Occ Health & Safety Consulting
Merat, Seyedamir CSO LaFarge Canada Inc 2300 Rogers Avenue, Coquitlam
Ouston Ward, Cathryn RCSO
Rowsell, David CSO 11315 96a Street, Fort St. John 2502635452
Mayea, Sarah CSO
Dadson, Teresa CSO Campbell River 2508307710
Morgen, Gwendolyn CSO Vancouver Coastal Health
Stevenson, Paul RCSO Stevenson HSE Solutions PO Box 57059 2746 E Hasting St, Vancouver 6043234135
Elder, Bradley RCSO Pretium Occupational Safety Management Vancouver / Calgary
· consulting · auditing · program development · risk management · regulatory compliance · crisis communication · incident investigation · emergency response planning · prime contractor assurance · operational excellence
Olson, Lucas CSO
Sinclair, Jay CSO Rkm Services Ltd. #2 - 20097 92a Ave., Langley 7789845226
Brown, James CSO
McKee, Douglas RCSO Tartan Safety Ltd 269 Scott Avenue, Penticton 2504879176
Carlos, Carmen CSO Spectrum Training Richmond 7787074933
Steward, John CSO
Afele, Ngaire CSO BC Drywall Installation Ltd 1423 Grant Street, Vancouver
Bulpitt, Edgar RCSO Laboursafe Solutions Ltd. Lower Mainland, Surrey 6043409497
Safety program design, auditing, hazard assessments, accident investigations, claim management
Chamberlain, Richard CSO Jasper Constructors Ltd 7216 Brown Street, Delta
Nastrom, Kenneth CSO
Parnell, Wallace CSO
Daley, Mickel RCSO Thompson Creek Metals 177 Victoria Street Prince George Bc, Prince George 7788731831
Lamborn, Catherine CSO
Lippingwell, Trevor RCSO
Columbine, Ronald RCSO Ausenco Sandwell 855 Homer Street, Vancouver
Steele, Tanya RCSO Tanya Steele Lower Mainland, Surrey 6047884463
Amundsen, Gary CSO Select Safety Services Ltd. 5488 Marine Avenue, Powell River 6044831613
Foort, Donald CSO
Donahue, Stephen CSO
Roblin, Kurt CSO
Carr, Douglas RCSO Rcso, Css, Gsc, Victoria
Doggett, Norman CSO Impact Safety Consulting & Services PO Box 999, Valemount 2505665243
HSE consulting, planning, services
Frost, John RCSO Blackwater Services Inc. 8612 155th St., Surrey 6045976406
Halliday, Jason RCSO
Dycke, Brian CSO Applied Industrial Technologies 606 19 Ave, Nisku 7809557115
Bhangal, Navtej RCSO Reddale Construction
Hampton, Bruce RCSO Safety Manager Civil Construction Box 363, Harrison Hot Springs 2503717005
Yaciw, Dwayne CSO
Forsyth, William CSO
Hoy, Darlene CSO Dawson Construction Limited 1212 McGill Road, Kamloops
Turner, Tarra CSO
Todosichuk, Robert CSO
Bateman, Mark CSO Vernon 2505038574
Garneau, Jason CSO
Gaudet, Christopher CSO
Pimiskern, Mark CSO
Wilcox, William RCSO 4033201424
Yelland, Connie RCSO
Young, Scott RCSO
Zurowski, Randi RCSO Norweld Mechanical Installations Inc 1416 Santa Fe Road, Prince George 2505626660
Rodrigues, Nicholas CSO
Keats, Eugene RCSO
Sim, Tracey CSO
Clark, Colin CSO
Nichol, Kevin RCSO Anchorpoint Safety Inc. 2509 Waters Rd, Castlegar 2502316145
Safety Management
Stroh, Adrian CSO
Todosychuk, Kenneth CSO
Dennis, Terri CSO 6043744443
Lazzari, Cody CSO
Richardson, Daniel CSO
Ung Ng, Patrisha CSO
Wong, Simon CSO Simon Fraser University 8888 University Drive, Burnaby 7787823867
Den Duyf, Ashley RCSO
Benere, David CSO
Makayev, Ashley CSO B&B Contracting Ltd #100 - 19429 54th Avenue, Surrey
Clemens, Darcy CSO
Vileita, Audria CSO
Jones, Darwyn CSO
Allard, David CSO
Ballard, Allan CSO
Diao, Jiansheng CSO
Joynt, Samuel CSO
Legare, Marlon CSO
Mardell, Allison CSO
Kuehnle, Scott CSO
Stride, Gary RCSO Flynn Canada Ltd 6836 Kirkpatrick Crescent, Saanichton 2506520599
Sussbauer, Jamie CSO
Radley, Valorie CSO Vtr Services Box 1491 , Burns Lake 2506920331
Burns, Christine CSO
Ewan, Craig , AScT CSO, RTMgr Marshall Aerospace Canada 1337 Townline Road, Abbotsford
Harvey, Victor CSO
Coleman, Mark CSO Team Construction Management Limited 101- 916 Ethel Street, Kelowna 2508267566
Marshall, Scott CSO LaFarge Canada Inc
Radford, Lillian CSO
Smith, Kathryn CSO
Anderson, Christina CSO Box 788, Charlie Lake
Wilson, John CSO
Bruno, Gaetano CSO
Wilson, Jason CSO
Henschel, Brett CSO Peace Country Technical Services Ltd 948 100 Avenue, Dawson Creek
Butler, James CSO LB Paving Ltd. 2992 Tatlow Road, Smithers
Chen, Shui Meng CSO
Cullen, Douglas CSO
Foster, Florence CSO Pelly Construction 111 Industrial Road, Whitehorse
Froome, James CSO
Granberg, Christopher CSO Trojan Safety Services 11116 Tahltan Road, Fort St. Johns
Harrison, David CSO
Holomey, Allan CSO
Machin, Chad CSO
Parlati, Francesco CSO
Ryder, Michael CSO
Dyer, Andrew CSO Gibraltar Holdings 104 - 2799 Gilmore Avenue, Burnaby
Honaizer, Richard CSO
Johnson, Melody CSO
Whiteside, Serrina , GradTech CSO Silverwood Consulting 3846 Dejong Cres., Terrace
Fey, Gary , AScT CSO Systematic Mill Installations Ltd 101 - 2525 Acland Road, Kelowna
Verbeke, Charles CSO
Daniel, Jason CSO (Provisional)
Cawley, Jeleena CSO
Gunton, Dominique CSO (Provisional)
Laakso, Tracy CSO
Querel, Trevor CSO (Provisional) Techmation Electric and Controls 8708 107 Street, Fort St John
Gilbert, Rodney CSO (Provisional)
Wydra, Laura CSO WS Nicholls Western Construction Ltd 851 Derwent Way, Delta
Obermann, Roy CSO (Provisional)
Neys, Brooklyn CSO (Provisional)
Nelson, Luke CSO (Provisional) Certified Coating Specialists Inc. 41 Fawcett Rd, Coquitlam 6049161498
Frant, Karina CSO (Provisional)
Crottey, David CSO
Scott, Verdon CSO V.g. Scott & Associates Consulting 1406 Foster Avenue, Coquitlam 6043192569
Martino, Dorian CSO (Provisional)
Lewis, David CSO (Provisional) Pacific Rim Engineered Products Surrey 6049082241
Byrne, Donald CSO 95 Rawlings Lake Road, Lumby 2503087035
Dennis, John CSO Dynamic Rescue Systems #107 - 1500 Hartley Avenue, Coquitlam
Clavette, Mary Ann CSO Nortech Development Inc
Davis, Andrew CSO (Provisional) Canem Systems Ltd 100 - 1600 Valmont Way, Richmond
Frost, Aaron CSO Aaron Frost - QWEST Consulting Po Box 338, Port McNeill 2502304632
Safety and Training Consulting
Walker-Johnson, Wendy CSO
Yeulett, Shannon CSO (Provisional)
Gashler, Lawrence CSO (Provisional)
Harcourt, Martin CSO (Provisional) Haebler Construction vancouver
Rich, Sheryl CSO (Provisional)
Norris, Lesley CSO Care Institute of Safety & Health Inc.
Hughes, James CSO
Bateson, Tyler CSO (Provisional) LNB Construction Inc PO Box 370, Merritt
Barrette, Sarah CSO (Provisional) M&M Resources Inc PO Box 195, Fort Nelson
Dixon, Bradley CSO (Provisional) LNB Construction Inc
Findlay, Christopher CSO ABC Concrete 1125 Cedar Road, Nanaimo
Pressacco, Kenneth CSO (Provisional)
Daniels, Jana CSO (Provisional)
Dunaway, Colin CSO (Provisional) SD #68 (Nanaimo) 395 Wakesiah Avenue, Nanaimo
Moore, Joel CSO Horizon North 3355 Sugarloaf Road, Kamloops
Siccama, Margaret CSO (Provisional) Skyline Scaffold Ltd 1091 Eburne Place, Richmond
Austinson, Carl CSO (Provisional)
Sanders, Duncan CSO (Provisional) LNB Construction Inc
Briggs, Russell CSO (Provisional)
Day, Tracy CSO (Provisional) Ruskin Construction Ltd PO Box 1050, Prince George
Degraaf, Johannes CSO (Provisional) Geo Tech Industries Inc PO Box 310, Crofton
Eimer, Lisa CSO City Of Dawson Creek 929 Rauma Cres, Sicamous 2507843696
Husband, Stephi CSO (Provisional) AMEC Suite 400- 111 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver
Hyder, Lisa CSO (Provisional) Ogilvie Mtn Holding Ltd PO Box 2340, Hope
Kantola, James CSO (Provisional) Sierra Projects Inc 218 - 6333 148 Street, Surrey
Klimczak, Ilona CSO (Provisional) Coast Eagle Consulting Inc Unit 1 - 32468 Grebe Crescent, Mission 6042871123
Morgan, Cheryl CSO Coca-Cola Richmond
Certified Safety Officer, Project Management, Level 2 First Aid, Site Superintendent
Restrick, Mackenzie CSO West Coast Pre-fab Ltd 3425 River Road, Chemainus 2507092300
Cowan, Stephanie CSO Cantex Group Of Companies 780 Okanagan Avenue E, Penticton
Obratoski, Dennis CSO (Provisional) Acoustex West 260 - 2323 32nd Avenue NE, Calgary
Braithwaite, Stewart CSO (Provisional) SW Safety Consulting and Training 21500 Sweden Creek Rd., Prince George 2506176169
Dunham, David CSO (Provisional) Oh&s Safety Consulting And Training Solutions 825-j Laval Crescent, Kamloops 7784716407
Hill, Merrick CSO (Provisional) Right of Way Operation Group Inc 200 - 160 Dougall Road, Kelowna
McKenzie, Allison CSO (Provisional) Mid Island Safety Consulting Inc 2323 Brad's Lane, Nanaimo
Moldon, David CSO (Provisional) Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd 20 Brooksbank Avenue, North Vancouver
Wild, Kristian CSO (Provisional) Global Rope Access
Zawalek, Corten CSO 6049617586
Bodi, Leslie CSO (Provisional) On Side Restoration Services 3157 Grandview Hwsy, Vancouver
Grime, John CSO (Provisional) Mission Group Enterprises
Malmloff, Timmie CSO Techmation Electric and Controls 8708 107 Street, Fort St John
Saundry, Paul CSO (Provisional)
Adzich, Norma Jean CSO (Provisional)
Beddows, Jason CSO Parker Johnston Industries 6791 Oldfield Road, Victoria 2503829181
Fairservice, Erin CSO (Provisional)
Huppee, Margaret CSO (Provisional) District of Mission
Jassman, Gordon CSO Ram Construction Inc #101- 8369 River Way, Delta 6049924435
MacDonald, Darin CSO (Provisional) QM LP 1707 Cllievden Ave., Delta 6048687404
McTighe, Alisha CSO (Provisional) Western Canadian Steel Inc Kelowna
Negrin, Sara CSO City Of Fort St. John
Sarmiento, Emmanuel CSO Pixiu Safety Support International Inc. 115-2485 West Boradway, Vancouver 6049993469
Thingelstad, Dianne CSO (Provisional) Northern Civil Energy
Trueman, Spencer CSO Mosaic Avenue Construction Ltd
Vernerey, Sandy CSO (Provisional) Cat Rental Store 9565 - 198 Street, Langley
Ziros, Miroslav CSO (Provisional) Mbz Safety Consulting 2502083333
Grubb, Robin CSO (Provisional)
Hall, Simon CSO Sims Group 7961 Otway Road, Prince George
Harmon, Liam CSO (Provisional) Allaire Group Construction & Real Estate Developme 245 - 9600 Cameron Street, Burnaby
Harris, Adam CSO (Provisional) Blue Pine Enterprises Ltd 18960 34A Avenue, Surrey
Henderson, Philip CSO (Provisional) Industrial Scaffold Services PO Box 19, Crofton
Joe, Earl CSO (Provisional) Clearview Grinding Ltd
Labby, Elizabeth CSO Horizon North 3355 Sugarloaf Road, Kamloops
Lyon, Peter CSO (Provisional) c/o KWH Constructors Corp., Burnaby
Turgeon, Aaron CSO (Provisional)
Marek, Bradley CSO
Aliasghar, Mehrdad CSO (Provisional)
Fettback, Caitlin CSO (Provisional) Western Pacific Enterprises Ltd. 1321 Ketch Court, Coquitlam 6045401321
Noel, Eddison CSO (Provisional) Halse-Martin 1636 Mcguire Ave., North Vancouver
Orser, Jesse CSO (Provisional) Kamloops
Skogland, Mary CSO (Provisional)
Freeman, Janis CSO
Goossens, Jason CSO (Provisional) Harbor Safety Inc.
Carlson, Suzanne CSO (Provisional) University of Northern British Columbia 2051 Croft Road, Prince George 2505658819
Jesse, Leanna CSO Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc 8545 Willow Cale Road, Prince George
Kirkham, Noella CSO (Provisional) The Lark Group 1500 - 13737 96 Ave., Surrey 7786865143
Brownsword, Jeffrey CSO (Provisional)
Crema, Daniel CSO Westlake Paving 2455 McDougall Rd, West Kelowna 7787929690
Duguay, Crystal CSO (Provisional) DSG Communications Ltd
Hay, David CSO (Provisional)
Lansdell, Michel CSO Candoo Oilfield Services Inc RR 1, Site 16, Comp 133, Fort St John 2507932667
Taylor, Ross CSO (Provisional)
Wiseman, Kevin CSO (Provisional)
Delorme, Sheina CSO Lehigh Hanson, Div. of Heidelberg Cement Group 8955 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver
Litchfield, Michael CSO (Provisional) MWL Demolition Ltd 19 - 62 Fawcett Road, Coquitlam
Zolghadr, Maral CSO (Provisional) Hidden Dimension Design Ltd. 1543 Bridgman Ave., Port Coquitlam 6047806461
CSO/Construction Manager/Project Manager/Supervisor/Architectural Designer
Becker, Atlyn CSO (Provisional) CarwellContracting
Bryant, David CSO (Provisional) Lam Metal/Pacific Restorations Burnaby 6043190317
Safety Training and consulting, COR internal auditor
Bell, Laurie CSO (Provisional) 3124 Emerald Plc., Westholme 2507156869
CSO(P) / OFA 3 Attendant/Instructor
de Jong, Peter CSO (Provisional) TrojanSafetyServices
Dhillon, Gurchet CSO (Provisional) TatlaDevelopments 1120,1200W73rd, Vancouver
Fenton, Douglas CSO (Provisional)
Halsted, Annette CSO (Provisional)
Gagne, Joshua CSO (Provisional)
Moore, Roger CSO (Provisional) 671ColoniaDrive, Ladysmith
Peymani, Ali CSO (Provisional)
Schaubs, Marcel CSO (Provisional)
Smith, Charles , AScT CSO (Provisional) H2FlowTanksandSystemsInc Unit6470NorthRivermedeRoad, Concord
Wurz, David CSO (Provisional)
Yaciw, James CSO (Provisional)
Crawford, Christopher CSO (Provisional) Lafarge Canada Inc Po Box 160, Van Anda 6044831419
Eve, Gary CSO (Provisional)
Sakve, Dennis CSO
Simmons, Roger CSO (Provisional) Active First Aid And Best Personnel
McPhee, Scott CSO (Provisional) Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc 8545 Willow Cale Road, Prince George
Spilde, Jonathan CSO (Provisional)
Oboukhov, Valeri CSO (Provisional) Pyramid Corporation 2308 8th Street, Nisku
McSween, Nathan CSO (Provisional) Prince George 8558812034
King, Judith CSO MTP Safety Consulting Ltd 126 Fish Lake Road, Summerland 2504948666
Szutiak, William CSO (Provisional) #1 3997 6th Ave, Port Alberni 2507313913
Kallies, Steven CSO (Provisional) United Steelworkers LTD PO Box 40, Sparwood
Anderson, Gail CSO (Provisional) Castle Rock Enterprises 20 Laberge Road, Whitehorse
Dittrick, Nathan CSO (Provisional) Sigfusson Northern Ltd Unit 21- 1313 Border Sreet, Winnipeg
Fletcher, Rylie CSO (Provisional) Lindcroft Ventures Ltd 5110 223 Street, Langley
Gauthier, Phyllis CSO (Provisional) 4 Evergreen Resources
Lacusta, Raeann CSO (Provisional) Aecon Industrial Western Inc
Sriram, Suru CSO (Provisional) Consultant 13988, 68 ave, Surrey 7788403337
Xu, Jie CSO (Provisional) Pacific Community Builders
Dimatatac, Mark CSO (Provisional)
Blackall, Trevor CSO (Provisional)
Leslie, Jason CSO (Provisional)
Joyal, Erin CSO (Provisional)
Darcy, Sean CSO (Provisional), RFPT
Lamarche, Shari CSO (Provisional)
Downes, Lucas CSO (Provisional)
Lewthwaite, Tyler CSO (Provisional)
Phelps, Brendan CSO (Provisional)
Gallagher, Chelsea CSO (Provisional) Gallagher Bros. Contractors Ltd. #114 19140 28 Ave., Surrey
Gonczy, Mark CSO (Provisional)
Truman, Theresa CSO (Provisional)
Walper, Trevor CSO (Provisional) Vancouver 6043550464
Schofield, Jessica CSO (Provisional)
Amato, Frank CSO (Provisional)
Morris, Kandis CSO (Provisional)
Dzinic, Dario CSO (Provisional)
Reid, Kevin CSO (Provisional)
Hooge, Christopher CSO (Provisional)
McGillivary, Andrew CSO (Provisional)
Lee, Brian CSO (Provisional)
Suhail, Muhammad CSO (Provisional) Surrey 7789875670
Lariviere, Andre CSO (Provisional)
Goodall, Steven CSO (Provisional) Chilliwack 6048199594
Wesley, Jacquelynn CSO (Provisional)
Cook, Melissa CSO (Provisional)
Michaux, Aaron CSO (Provisional) Bold Construction 600-688 West Hastings St., Vancouver 6049289942
Cronier, Erick CSO (Provisional)
Zavaglia, Leah CSO (Provisional)
Studd, Megan CSO (Provisional)
Piper, Patricia CSO (Provisional)
Stevens, Rory CSO (Provisional)
Theunissen, Carl CSO (Provisional)
Song, Xue CSO (Provisional)
Smith, Raymond CSO (Provisional) INTRACORPHOMES suite 600-550 Burrard street, Vancouver
Perez- Soriano, Douglas CSO (Provisional)
Olak, Hardeep CSO (Provisional)
Martin, Todd , CTech CSO (Provisional) Murray Latta Progressive Machine 8717 132nd Street, Surrey 6045997151
Leaders of custom industrial machinery manufacturing, parts & equipment distribution, and millwrighting & machinery moving
Roberts, Justin CSO (Provisional)
Gutierrez, Carlos CSO (Provisional)
Sweezey, Tamara CSO (Provisional)
Wong, Brandon CSO (Provisional)
Milligan, David CSO (Provisional)